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Subsea Processing Systems

Subsea processing systems have been increasingly accepted as solutions to enhance field economics by maximizing recovery, increasing production and reducing costs.  In new or greenfield applications, subsea processing can enable cost-effective and environmentally friendly platform-less solutions, where the field is tied back directly to an existing offshore facility or directly to shore.  In mature, or brownfield applications, subsea processing can contribute to increased production and recovery, and extend the life of the field.

The main drivers of subsea processing are:

  • Accelerates production
  • Increases recovery and extends field life
  • Reduces CAPEX on topside processing equipment and pipelines
  • Alleviates constrained topside host capacity
  • Supports flow management and flow assurance
    • Hydrate prevention through depressurization of lines
    • Prevention of slugging in flow lines and risers
  • Provides development options for challenging fields
    • Long distance tie-backs
    • Low pressure reservoirs
    • Low permeability reservoirs
  • Lowers CO2 footprint compared to topside processing
  • Enables separation and reinjection of produced water subsea as an alternative to topside process or overboard disposal
  • Requires lower total power consumption
  • Eliminates hazards and risks from severe weather environments (hurricanes, cyclones)

FMC Technologies brings together industry leading specialists and a broad portfolio of building blocks for subsea separation, pumping, and compression to deliver fully integrated soutions to maximize production and lower costs per barrel over the life of the field.  To date, FMC Technologies has installed five subsea separation projects and nearly forty subsea pumps worldwide.  Most recently, operators have been successful deploying solutions from FMC Technologies in mature or brownfield projects such as Statoil's Tordis, Petrobras' Marlim and Espadarte; and new or Greenfield projects like Total's PazflorShell's Perdido and Parque Das Conchas (BC-10)