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FMC Technologies' subsea technology encompass a wide range of equipment and solutions that are required to explore, drill and develop offshore oil and gas fields. We have a strong global presence in all of the world's major basins and remain the industry leader in market share for subsea trees. Being a global manufacturing leader with facilities worldwide enables FMC Technologies to machine major components; assemble equipment; and perform required qualification testing, acceptance and systems integration testing.

Our subsea technologies, and the value we bring to customers, can be categorized in three areas: field development, subsea processing and production enhancement. Whether it is high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) trees and wellheads, subsea controls and system or production optimization services, we add value to our customers throughout the life of the field.

FMC Technologies offers a full range of engineering and customer support services such as field development studies with graphical tools, system engineering, flow assurance and project management.