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Market Characteristics

The Brazilian oil and gas production is regionally concentrated in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo and Sao Paulo, which are located in the major hydrocarbon basins of Campos, Espirito Santo and Santos, respectively. Recent impressive reservoir discoveries in the subsalt layer of those basins are a promising exploration frontier for Brazil.

Petrobras is the main operator in Brazil, and a majority of the production is from offshore fields such as Roncador, Marlim, Albacora East, Jubarte and many others. Petrobras has approximately 600 subsea wells mostly comprised of subsea trees supplied by FMC CBV.

Shell and Chevron are the first international oil companies to develop deepwater fields in Brazil. FMC is the chosen supplier for their integrated subsea systems for Shell BC-10 and Chevron Frade projects.

FMC and Petrobras have achieved world-record water depths in Brazil. FMC is implementing our latest advancements in subsea boosting and subsea processing for Petrobras and Shell Brazilian projects. In addition, FMC CBV is providing Petrobras' first integrated subsea system for the Mexilhao gas field. The project requires 300F high-pressure, high-temperature systems combined with 10,000 psi pressure and includes subsea High Pipeline Protections System (HIPPS).

FMC CBV developed and supplied the first subsea completion systems for BG Hibiscus and Dolphin Deep fields located offshore of Trinidad and Tobago.