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InLine Technologies

Our InLine products can be combined to suit all conditions and separation requirements. The highly efficient compact separators based on cyclonic and electrostatic technologies cover all aspects of primary separation: gas, oil, water and sand. Together they allow operators to achieve complete line phase separation by using pipe segments, replacing conventional technology that requires several large vessels to do the same job.

Key characteristics

  • Highly efficient separation, either by high G-forces caused by cyclonic flow or enhanced separation caused by electrostatic coalescence
  • Ultra-compact separation in pipe segments
  • Effective debottlenecking to increase production capacity of existing processes
  • Compact separation systems for new-build production systems

The InLine Technology has been developed over several years, in close cooperation with Statoil as technology development partner and first user for several of the technologies. As a result, we can offer a complete portfolio of inline separation technologies for primary separation.