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Increased Production Reduced Capex and Opex


Quality separation solutions are based on a thorough understanding of process parameters. We make every effort to encourage and facilitate a close working relationship with our customers. As numerous customers around the world will testify, we are dedicated to providing a highly efficient and cost-effective solution, no matter how diverse the requirements may be.

Compact Separation Systems
Size and weight of separation equipment is one of the key factors of the commercial value of a development project. Our compact separation systems provide state-of-the-art separation technologies for primary topside and subsea separation. The systems minimize space and weight while optimizing separation efficiencies. For existing installations, the equipment can provide separation solutions that lead to increased production. Pressure vessels can be reduced in size, or sometimes even be eliminated when applying inline separation equipment. Compact solutions are ideal for subsea separation and other high-pressure applications.

  • Optimize gas and oil quality
  • Minimize foot-print area and weight
  • Reduce impact of solids
  • Increase gas and oil production
  • Optimize produced water quality
Produced Water
Produced water is an industry challenge which affects the whole production process. The produced water handling system is a key part of most production facilities. If the discharge requirements are not met, there may be a significant environmental and economic impact. Furthermore, produced water can take up valuable space in the oil transport lines, reducing the amount of oil that can be produced.

FMC Technologies can offer a complete range of separation technologies to handle the produced water. Our equipment covers the whole range from bulk separation of water from the well-stream to the final polishing of the water to meet the most challenging regulations for discharge. This includes compact technologies for both new build production processes as well as for retrofit into existing infrastructure.


Our solutions address the following produced water challenges
  • Subsea separation of produced water
  • Primary separation
  • Water polishing technologies
  • Sand separation and treatment
Debottlenecking and Retrofitting
Decreasing reservoir pressure, increased water production and space & weight restrictions at existing facilities are a few of the many challenges that occur during production. FMC Technologies capabilities in troubleshooting and debottlenecking separation systems can reduce the size of new separation equipment or maximize the throughput and efficiency of existing production trains. Our solutions in separation and retrofitting topside processing facilities can enable higher production rates and increased field recovery.
You can unlock the potential of your existing facility using separation technologies if you require to:
  • Handle decreasing wellhead pressure and increased water production
  • Tie back subsea production to existing facilities
  • Handle space and weight restrictions in existing facilities
  • Overcome production loss due to lack of efficiency of existing equipment
  • Enhance oil recovery by using new modes of operation
  • Changing gas/oil ratio for late-life operations
  • Need for improved water quality

FMC Technologies first identifies the needs and options for production improvement and undertake trouble shooting, required analyses and CFD studies. The resulting report contains recommendations and a proposal for the technology needed, including costs and expected installation time.

Solids Handling
Solids in the production stream can cause wear, poor performance and blockages in the production system which may lead to expensive shut-downs. Sand follows the well stream from the reservoir and must be handled as a part of the process systems. It needs to be removed from the fluid streams, cleaned and disposed. We design complete solutions for removing the sand from the production stream and for handling the sand for disposal. Our portfolio consist of high efficient and compact sand handling systems to remove the sand from either single or multiphase streams, sand removal technology from separator vessels, as well as sand cleaning solutions. We are the only supplier of sand removal technologies with experience from the challenging subsea applications.

  • Increase production
  • Avoid expensive shut-downs
  • Minimize wear and damage to equipment, reducing maintenance cost
  • Compact systems: High efficient sand removal/handling with small footprint.
  • Re-injection or reuse of jetting water
Subsea Separation
Performing a part of the required separation process at the seabed, can enable a more effective production and reduce need for topside processing capacity. Subsea separation has already been applied for both a Greenfield development as well as a retrofit solution for a field in production. The solution can contribute to a better environment and higher revenue. For maturing fields, the production and recovery can increase cost-efficiently by improving and prolonging the use of existing infrastructure. Separation and re-injection of bulk water will free up space in flowlines and risers and eliminate the need for topside equipment upgrades. For new field development, the system can be designed with primary separation at the seabed, reducing and eventually eliminating the need for topside installations.

  • Reduced cost for topside facility.
  • Environmental friendly
  • Increased production/recovery
  • Handling water and sand at the seabed