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Topside Multiphase Meter

mpm topside meter

The MPM topside meter is intended for production monitoring, well testing and allocation metering purposes. It can be supplied as a Multiphase meter, a Wetgas meter, or as a combined Wetgas and Multiphase meter.

MPM topside meters are installed permanently at onshore and offshore sites. They measure continuously and in real-time the production from any well. The measurements help to increase the knowledge of the reservoir and how wells behave, how well artificial lift, and other production stimuli systems work. 

MPM meters can give significant contributions to the optimization of production, recovery and revenue. It will also help reducing the size and complexity of metering systems. They can be used to increase capacity of test separators and in some cases replace them. The MPM topside meters can be equipped with all of the special features offered by MPM.

The Meter is built with all parts in one unit with minimum need for final assembly on site. The electronics are designed and built to survive the most severe and violent conditions and the transmitters are fixed to the sensor body.