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Subsea multiphase meters

MPM subsea meter MPM subsea meter encompasses all the unique features of the topside meter. It has a uniquely simple field configuration procedure, without the need of any subsea sampling. It has been designed and qualified for use at large water depths, at very high operating pressures and at extremely high operating temperatures.

The MPM state-of-the-art subsea meter represents high performance in subsea flow metering. The MPM meter is designed and built with maximum reliability and redundancy in mind. The qualification program conducted was in accordance to ISO 13628-6 and as per the DnV Qualification of New Technology, RP-A203 

It can be supplied as a Multiphase meter, a Wetgas meter, or as a combined Wetgas and Multiphase meter (DualMode). 

The MPM subsea meters can be equipped with all of the special features offered by MPM.

A few characteristics of the subsea meters are:
  • Designed for ≥ 25 years lifetime with no maintenance
  • Covers all flowregimes and the full range of gas fractions (GVF) and water cuts (WLR)
  • Designed and qualified as per 13628-1,4 and ISO 10423 (API 6A and 17D).
  • Sour service - NACE compliance.
  • Electronics system - rugged design, consisting of high quality components only.

No sampling

Design criteria

Our Subsea meter withstands

  • a depth of 3500 meters (11 600 ft)
  • a pressure of 1000 bar (15 000 psi)
  • a temperature of 250° C (480 °F)
  • and any attempt at comparison!

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