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What are the benefits of the MPM multiphase meters?

The MPM meter was developed and qualified in an operator-driven Joint Industry Project (JIP) with leading oil companies. MPM´s new technology and special features are covered by 7 different patents. The goals of the Steering Committee, populated with many of the most prominent oil company specialists in this field, were set right at the start of the project in accordance with their clearly defined needs. MPM have successfully developed and implemented new technology and related features, as presented in the different sections of this technology review. The resulting products comply to all of the goals set forth. In order to achieve these goals, the scope of work was split into phases performed and completed over several years of dedicated and focused work. The major phases were:
  • Base technology development and topside meter
  • Salinity measurement
  • Scale detection
  • Subsea meter
  • Field qualification
  • In-situ verification
Process Tomography
MPM has invented tomography based methods and successfully implemented and qualified them for use in the field. EM (electromagnetic) waves are used to make 3-"dimensional pictures” of flow inside the pipe. There is no parallel to MPM's technology in the oil industry, and the uniqueness is demonstrated by the broad patent coverage (7 patents currently cover the base technology).

MPM's 3D Broadband technology is the base for a collection of technologically advanced and highly user friendly products. Our unique and patented technology provides a step change in metering accuracy across the full range of fluid flow regimes and compositions. 

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