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FMC Technologies has developed and implemented a number of unique offerings that help operators manage their own internal labor force, reduce cost of ownership and often increase production and revenue simply through proper maintenance and management of the systems and equipment.

Service Centers

FMC Technologies' Measurement Solutions business unit has service centers at a number of locations in the United States, stocked with off-the-shelf products and parts, and staffed with expert salespeople, service representatives and technicians. Click here to find authorized FMC Technologies’ Measurement Solutions distributors and service representative worldwide.

Consulting Services

FMC Technologies offers the Measurement Care program: a comprehensive service that helps to ensure the accuracy, reliability and regulatory compliance of all measurement systems, regardless of manufacturer, throughout the equipment's life cycle.

Consultant evaluations of installed equipment can include:
  • Complete on-site system surveys, analysis, reports and recommendations
  • Mechanical, electrical, software, test and application engineering
  • System diagnostic assessments and recommendations
  • Analysis and evaluation of code and standard compliance 

System Modification and Upgrades

FMC Technologies is ideally positioned to help customers extend the life and functionality of their measurement systems, having designed, engineered, installed and commissioned more than 150 upgrades of varying scope and complexity, including both FMC Technologies and non-FMC Technologies equipment.

We help customers
  • Increase capacity by adding additional meter runs
  • Upgrade flow computers and control systems
  • Streamline interfaces with SCADA and DCS systems
  • Reduce measurement losses
  • Enhance environmental protection and meet evolving compliance requirements

Spares and Parts Management Solutions

With FMC Technologies Measurement Care Spares and Parts Management Solutions, customers are better able to manage inventory and their bottom line.

Our services can be as simple or as comprehensive as the customer wishes:
  • Review of site parts inventory and recommendations for stocking and replacement of obsolete components
  • Maintenance of dedicated spares and parts at one of our locations
  • Maintenance of spares and parts at the customer's location(s)

Preventative Maintenance and Audits

During preventive maintenance scheduled site visits, we check flowmeters and prover loops, quality analysis systems, and instrument and control loops, among others.

FMC Technologies engineers conduct Measurement Best Practices audits of operations and maintenance procedures, evaluate software performance, and recommend upgrades. Our engineers can also audit customers' spare parts inventory and recommend changes to reduce the cost of potential downtime.

On-Site Support

FMC Technologies can send service engineers to customer sites for many types of support: general operational support, critical phases of metering system operations, trouble-shooting, upgrades, on-the-job training for site personnel, component repair and spare parts assistance. FMC Technologies can also establish full-time, on-site measurement system support for customers who wish to outsource their entire metering system operation and maintenance.

Multi-Level Remote Support and System Supervision

A team of Measurement Care service engineers is available to solve problems in two ways: either by communicating with customer personnel about equipment issues, or by downloading customer data and analyzing problems online.

System Installation Supervision and Commissioning Services

FMC Technologies' Measurement Care team ensures that systems are installed and commissioned to operate at their highest potential.

Comprehensive measurement care installation supervision and commissioning service includes:
  • Pre-commissioning checks for proper wiring and piping
  • Site management of both equipment and subcontractors
  • Mechanical installation that meets the most stringent operational and safety standards
  • Connections to existing systems and apparatus
  • Equipment commissioning tests to meet local regulatory requirements
  • System commissioning in cooperation with the customer to ensure that the new system works properly within the customer's framework

To complete the Measurement Care package, we also offer performance verification service, training for operators and/or maintenance personnel (on site or at one of our locations), maintenance and operations contracts, spare parts inventory management (including refurbishment and equipment buy-back), and more.