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GeoPro Fluid End

FMC Technologies’ new GeoPro fluid end provides consistent durability proven in harsh frac environments. The GeoPro will improve productivity and your bottom line by limiting down time and easing the frustrations related to keeping pumps up and running.

Our new fluid end is compatible with our current power ends. Major consumables are unchanged, limiting disruption to your supply chain. Unchanged components include valves, plungers and packing, the suction manifold and discharge retainers.

Through design improvements on the GeoPro, the frustrations of keeping fluid ends up and running have been eased.  The revised external shape and internal contours of the GeoPro fluid cylinder combine to lower stress and increase fatigue life.  Our improved fluid cylinder forging and manufacturing processes lead to better material properties and surface conditions in fatigue critical areas.  A new stuffing box, suction cover and retainer design also provide better overall durability. 

After severe real world testing and more than 50 million strokes accumulated in multiple regions, the GeoPro has demonstrated greater and more consistent durability than our legacy fluid ends. With improved consistency in fluid end life, operators can better manage their fleet readiness and operational expenses.

Features & Benefits

  • Improved durability
  • Design improvements that limit down time
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Consistent, predictable performance



 GeoPro fluid end

 Well Service Pump with GeoPro fluid end

 GeoPro Fluid End  Well Service Pump with GeoPro Fluid End




GeoPro Brochure

(PDF, 7.7 mb)