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FMC Technologies offers an array of valves to suit your needs, including Weco plug valves, check valves, throttle valves, pressure relieve valves and butterfly valves. For information on gate valves, click here.

Butterfly Valves

For over 50 years, Weco butterfly valves have provided reliability in pressure pumping, oilfield industry and industrial applications for over 50 years. Butterfly valves can be customized based on body styles, actuation, disc, seats and stems depending on your application.

Weco butterfly valves are available in 2 through 24 inch sizes at standard working pressures up to 175 psi CWP. Pressure rating up to 285 psi CWP available.

Plug Valves

Weco ULT plug valves are quarter-turn valves designed for a wide range of drilling, production and pressure pumping applications. The Weco ULT plug valve eliminates the need for a full shut down when certain parts of your hydraulic fracturing equipment need to be isolated for repair or replacement and is designed specifically for the harsh environment associated with hydraulic fracturing. It will also meet the needs of the constant changes in pressure, temperature and fracturing fluids.

The Weco ULT Plug Valve is offered in pressures up to 20,000 psi CWP and range in size from 1 to 4 inches. They are available in a variety of end connections. Sour gas models available.

Choke Throttle Valves

In high-pressure pumping applications throttling is often required to control hydraulic fracturing fluids. The choke throttle valve combines the best attributes of a ported cage choke and a plug valve. Pressure pumpers are now capable of throttling high velocity erosive fluids without degrading the positive shutoff performance of the valve.

The Weco choke throttle valve is available in 1 inch at 15,000 psi CWP.

Check Valves

Weco check valves are used to isolate pressure pumping equipment from high-pressure treating fluids during fracturing applications.

Offered in three primary models, these rugged valves seal against a complete range of pressure pumping fluids at pressures up to 20,000 psi CWP. Valves are available in 1½ to 4 inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow applications. Sour gas models are available.

Standard Pressure Relief Valves

The Weco pressure relief valve is a direct acting, self-reseating valve designed for over pressure protection, pumps, pressure vessels and pressure pumping applications. These valves are offered in pressures up to 20,000 psi CWP in a 2 inch and 15,000 psi CWP in a 3 inch. The integral end connections for the valve are Weco wing union connections.

The valve is not considered a full flow relief valve; therefore, its main function is a tattletale which indicates the set pressure has been reached. To keep the pressure from continuing to increase, other measures must be taken.

Electronically Controlled Pressure Relief Valves (ePRV)

Currently the markets' primary option for a full-opening pressure relief valve is complex, requiring nitrogen storage cylinders, control panels and additional plumbing. Their ability to maintain accurate set points is compromised by changes in ambient conditions. The FMC Technologies Electronically Controlled Pressure Relief Valve (ePRV) is solution engineered with simplicity, reduced exposure and reliability in mind.

With the ability to re-seat itself without manual intervention, your employees stay out of the red zone, resulting in less personnel exposure, less downtime and improved production. Unlike other full-opening pressure relief valves, the ePRV is electrically powered and requires no gas bottles or hoses, improving the protection of your people and equipment. The ePRV provides means for a more accurate trip pressure due to fact that is controlled by customer pressure transducers.

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Standard Pressure Relief Valves

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