FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System
FUEL-FACS+ Central Business System
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FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System

FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System

The FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System (FBS) is FMC Technologies' terminal automation system (TAS) solution.

It manages product movements and inventory for any size terminal handling products by volume or mass, including:

  • Asphalt
  • Chemicals
  • Crude/LNG
  • LPG
  • Refined products

FUEL-FACS+ FBS manages and automates both business and operations throughout the terminal:

  • Securely manages terminal access by personnel and vehicles by verifying the validity of licenses, permits, and certificates
  • Manages bulk product receipts and disposals (marine, pipeline, rail)
  • Manages intra-tank farm activities (tank-to-tank transfers, in-tank reconsignments)
  • Manages road loading and unloading orders
  • Provides multi-level inventory accounting (tank phys­ical, tank book, supplier, supplier/tank, gain/loss)

… and more.

Secures site access
  • Controls vehicle and pedestrian access points and access to facilities within the terminal
  • Validates access times and verifies validity of licenses, permits, and certificates
  • Time-stamps and delivers messages to access points
  • Records key performance indicators for visits to the terminal
Manages all product movements
  • Schedules and executes bulk product nominations though manual entry or in conjunction with SCADA or DCS systems or PLCs
  • Monitors and prevents tank overfill conditions and notifies terminal personnel of impending risks
  • Automates road loading movements for planned shipments (trips), planned pickups (orders), unplanned pickups (contract orders, rack orders), and unload orders
  • Generates both pre- and post-loading documentation, such as loading plans and bills of lading, including signature capture
  • Supports complex product recipes
  • Supports scale in/scale out sequence and loading/unloading on weighbridges
  • Manages loading exceptions
  • Performs volume compensation per API MPMS Chapter 11.1 or user-specified tables
  • Enforces business rules regarding product allocations/quotas
  • Manages credit accounts and verifies credit balances
  • Validates compartment capacities and vehicle laden weight
Manages all product inventories
  • Tank physical inventory accounting per API MPMS Chapter 12.1 through manual entry or interfaces to tank gauges
  • Tank book inventory accounting based on product receipts, transfers, and disposals
  • Supplier inventory accounting based on product receipts, transfers, and disposals
  • Co-mingled supplier/tank inventory accounting based on product receipts, transfers, and disposals
  • Automatic or manually initiated end-of-day processing
  • End-of-month processing with gain/loss calculation and configurable gain/loss distribution
  Secures data access for all stakeholders
  • Easy-to-use, browser-based user interface
  • Compatible with Windows Active Directories and Pass-Through Authentication
  • Highly granular, object-based view/add/modify/delete privileges
  • Configurable models for defining user roles
  • Language translation utility
  • Full-color, dynamic graphics make it easy to monitor terminal operations
  • Allows secure remote access for suppliers and customers with automatic data segregation
  • Supports common EDI standards
  • Supports multiple, concurrent back office/ERP interfaces to systems such as SAP, Oracle, and Dynamics AX and proprietary/legacy systems with a variety of formats and connectivity options
  • More than 70 standard reports
  • Report scheduling by time and by event
  • Report distribution via email
  • Simple mechanism for integrating custom reports
  • True relational database with full referential integrity and normalization, plus a published database schema
Supports a wide range of equipment
  • Card readers
  • Electronic presets
  • Scales
  • Signature pads
  • Smart injectors
  • Tank gauging systems
  • Touchscreen terminals
Adds to your bottom line
  • Secures access by all terminal personnel and partners; frees up terminal staff for other duties
  • Scalable and adaptable for easy expansion, so you pay only for what you need when you need it
  • Works with your existing equipment, so you can upgrade your TAS now and upgrade your equipment when you’re ready
  • Expert training and available 24x7x365 support
The FUEL-FACS+ Facility Business System also works with the FUEL-FACS+ Central Business System for comprehensive centralized management of all your terminals enterprise-wide.

The world-class functionality of FUEL-FACS+ is matched by a world-class project methodology and all the expertise and resources necessary to design, develop, install, and support each system.