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From reverse osmosis water processes to wastewater treatment and reclamation, FMC Technologies can help water and wastewater professionals meet the challenges of tighter water quality standards, rising costs, and privatization.

Our approach centers first on understanding your needs and then applying our proven methodologies to solve your most challenging objectives.

Built on the UCOS control system, our water systems can help you achieve a higher degree of process and cost optimization by:

  • Scheduling and automatically executing processes, such as routine maintenance, filter management, etc.
  • Automating process control strategies that take full advantage of your variable frequency drives (VFDs), efficient motors, and power monitoring module systems
  • Tracking chemical usage, pH, and other quality factors
  • Lowering energy costs by changing the frequency with which blowers and other equipment are started and stopped
  • Monitoring, archiving, and serving up data required to meet compliancy standards
  • Monitoring and controlling primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment
  • Providing state-of-the-art SCADA migration for both local and remote communications and control by using your existing control system infrastructure

In addition, UCOS manages turbidity monitoring, process simulation, maintenance management (EAM/CMMS), diagnostics and response management, condition-based monitoring, and smart instrumentation applications.

The world-class functionality of our water/wastewater control systems are matched by a world-class project methodology and all the expertise and resources necessary to design, develop, install, and support each system.