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Station and Plant Control

Station and Plant Control

FMC Technologies’ Automation and Control business unit offers packaged solutions for a variety of station and plant applications that make up the energy supply chain. These solutions are based on our patented UCOS control system.

FMC Technologies solutions address your specialized process control needs for blending, separation, vaporization, liquefaction, and other processes.

Our pump station solutions accommodate single, dual, or quad units. And we can quickly create solutions for other configurations using preconfigured, pretested templates for motors, engines, turbines, drag reducing agents, and more.

Our storage facility solutions accommodate cavern storage, tank farm management, overfill protection, and other storage needs.

For meter stations, we offer solutions that communicate with flow computers, or our system can perform just about any measurement-related calculations that you need.

For the pipelines that feed your stations and plants, we offer the UCOS Pipeline SCADA system. And for sites that also dispense product by truck, rail, or marine, we offer the FUEL‑FACS+ Terminal Automation System.

As you can see, if it needs automating anywhere on the energy supply chain, FMC Technologies is the only automation vendor you need.