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Production and Gathering Automation

Production and Gathering

FMC Technologies’ Automation and Control business unit offers a comprehensive Production and Gathering Automation system with all major components sourced from one company.

That eliminates the headache of integrating mismatched components from multiple vendors who don’t talk to one another.

FMC Technologies’ Production and Gathering Automation system manages all your needs from gathering field control to pipeline SCADA to terminal automation.  It can also manage multiple fields and multiple terminals from one or more central locations.

Here is just some of what this system does for you:

  • Collects production and operation data from LACT units
  • Notifies maintenance about equipment that needs attention via text message and/or email
  • Controls product movement from the field to the terminal
  • Manages terminal business transactions (schedules, deliveries, tickets, inventory, credit, BOLs, etc.)
  • Controls terminal operations (access, tank gauging, loading, incoming/outgoing pipelines, etc.)
  • Manages inventory
  • Enables producers and shippers to remotely manage their orders, allocations, inventory, etc.
  • Generates a full range of reports

Our Production and Gathering Automation system also leverages your existing infrastructure investment. With a wide range of communications protocols available, our system can work with your existing LACT unit controllers.

This comprehensive automation system is based on our own field-proven, fully integrated technologies that include Pipeline SCADA, Site and Plant Control, Terminal Automation, and Terminal Automation Host.

All this functionality is available from a single vendor – FMC Technologies. In fact, handling your automation needs is only the beginning. No other single company can take care of so many of your production and gathering needs:

... and much more.