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Pipeline SCADA

Pipeline SCADA

As one of the world’s most sought-after pipeline SCADA systems, UCOS delivers performance and reliability improvements that make it a top choice for both greenfield and upgrade projects.

UCOS offers pipeline transmission, distribution, and gathering applications for both liquid and gas products.

The unique, patented functionality built into UCOS allows engineers to develop systems faster and with unprecedented adherence to project specifications.

That results in pipeline SCADA systems that are more consistent and more reliable than systems built with older SCADA technology.

UCOS Pipeline SCADA offers:

  • Comprehensive redundancy options
  • Efficient and flexible communications options
  • Centralized and/or distributed architecture options
  • Customized functionality with simple upgradeability
  • Solutions for Control Room Management (CRM)

... and more.

The world class functionality of UCOS Pipeline SCADA is matched by a world class project methodology and all the expertise and resources necessary to design, develop, install, and support each system.