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Offshore Control

Offshore Master Control Station

FMC Technologies’ UCOS Master Control Station (MCS) offers design innovations that maximize production and uptime for the life of the field.

Downtime is not an option in an offshore production field, so the UCOS MCS is designed to operate all the time. It incorporates unique features that make sure it’s always in control, including:

  • Specialized fault tolerance features
  • Configurable failover
  • The ability to make changes online

When fixing system problems is physically difficult, it’s better to prevent them in the first place. So, the UCOS MCS simplifies intricate and specialized control schemes in order to minimize human error that is tolerated in other control systems.

Communications protocols evolve and bandwidth increases over time. So, the UCOS MCS incorporates forward-looking capabilities that ensure robust, secure connections – within the control system and to external systems – now and in the future.

The world-class functionality of the UCOS MCS is matched by a world-class project methodology and all the expertise and resources necessary to design, develop, install, and support each system.

These are just some of the reasons that the UCOS MCS is uniquely designed to help you realize the potential of your field.